"Our commitment is the future. We want to expand our business to new markets creating an added-value to our country and to the welfare of each one who believes in our project."


The FCM Group, as a reliable partner on the construction industry, offers a high quality services and innovative technical solutions. We concentrate our efforts on a sustainable growth by setting a development strategy based on our experience and on our highly qualified and motivated team. Our ambition focuses on the success of our internationalization strategy and on our business diversification in order to satisfy our clients` needs and to build and strengthen long-term partnerships.



We work with dedication and passion. This strength comes from an encouragement and motivation policy which allows us to promote our employees` talent, making an even more competitive and dynamic company.


We are always working for improvement, searching for excellence and perfection. We work with quality and precision to assure the loyalty of our clients and to be recognized as a competent company.


We always innovate refusing any kind of accommodation. We are proactive and want to be on the front line regarding new methods and new technologies, surprising and creating value in all business areas where we operate. We strengthen our position and make the difference through our innovative methods and politics.


We work with honesty, integrity, and responsability, to fulfill our agreements with all our stakeholders.


We always seek new partnerships in a mature and transparent way for continued and profitable growth.


We present an ethical economic growth, minimizing the environmental impact and respecting the community.

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