FCM Group´s ambition is to consolidate the internationalization strategy and diversify the business to meet the needs of its clients and create long-term relationships and partnerships.

The recognition of its competence, quality and rigor allowed FCM Group to take its knowledge to new markets, where it presents a service that translates as an added value in the project management and technical solutions that it offers.

The focus on internationalization and business expansion is part of the Group´s strategy and mission, which aims to continue to expand and make a difference in its operations, maintaining a sustained growth in line with the evolution of the sector in the various markets.

The diversification of business areas has leveraged the FCM Group to new horizons and challenges, relying on the entrepreneurship of its managers, who provide the consolidated organizational structure necessary to create value and differentiate the new businesses and partnerships that the FCM Group is proposed.


Our construction companies


TRADING seen as a unique process

Technical Installations

With ICD your projects are at the forefront of innovation

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