FCM - Construções, S.A. is the parent company and pioneer of the FCM Group, and focuses its activity in the execution of Civil Construction works, as General Contractor. Nowadays its focus is in the rehabilitation market, with some works already executed and others in execution.

It was born from the former name FCM - Cofragens e Construções, S.A., because the formwork was the first activity where it became famous and created leadership and through it quickly won the trust of market players, whether are customers, consortiums, subcontractors or suppliers.

Supporting its growth on sustainability, innovation, quality, transparency and cooperation, FCM has the technical and financial capacity to transmit to its clients the certainty of work performed, with the quality that the projects require and the strict compliance of contractual deadlines and costs.

The experience and know-how acquired over the years has projected FCM across borders, being in international markets in a sustained manner but in permanent vigilance to them, and also watchful to the possibilities of investment in markets that are understood as strategic and timely.

Knowing that companies made by people and their knowledge, FCM - Construções S.A. invests in creating value with its human resources in order to achieve high levels of satisfaction and productivity.

FCM - Contruções S.A is certified in quality by ISO 9001: 2008, in the context of the Execution of Civil Construction Works.

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