Lamego Hospital

Edifer, S.A. | Obrecol, S.A.

Lamego - Portugal


Work done:
Reinforced concrete structure

13.000 m3

49.400 m2

Intervention area:

The new "Hospital de Lamego" - Lamego's hospital has a gross area of 18,000m², with 5 floors.

It privileges the ambulatory component and houses the emergency service, external consultations, day hospital, physiotherapy, imaging and other services. It was developed under the concept of Proximity Hospital where the main objective is to approach the provision of differentiated health care to citizens, with a predominantly outpatient service aiming to reduce the impact of hospitalization on the lives of patients and their families.

Was the first hospital in the country built with these characteristics. It has 14 medical and medical-surgical specialties and three surgical blocks for outpatient surgeries, with a capacity around 10,000 surgical procedures per year. On the other hand, the outpatient consultation has a capacity of 60 thousand annual visits.