National Coach Museum

Mota-Engil, S.A.

Lisboa - Portugal


Work done:
Supply and application of formwork

29.100 m2

Intervention area:
Public Buildings

The project of the New National Coach Museum is formed by the Exhibition Building and the Adjacent Building, implanted in an area of about 11,500m2. The FCM carried out all the formworks with special emphasis on the execution of elements in gray and white surface concrete with stereotomy.

The two slabs of the museum are 135 meters long without any joint and without touching the structure of the building.  They were the largest slabs built up until then in Portugal.

The museum consists of two buildings connected through a corridor on the second floor. In the main building are the coachs and a gallery for temporary exhibitions. One of the characteristics is the size and quantity of windows, very small and just a few, in order to protect the works exposed. In the other building, there is a restaurant with a panoramic view and a second restaurant space, the administration of the museum, the library and the auditorium.

The museum has 4 conservation rooms and one workshop with capacity for 20 workers. With the new museum, the exhibition space has tripled. The museum has about 300,000 visitors a year, being consecutively the most visited museum in the country.