In an industry where people are essential, Human Resources are the key for a company`s success. In the FCM Group, people are the driving force and one of the gains that allows the company to perform well and to be recognized by the market.

We look for the best!

We believe that the right people in the right places make all the difference in an organization.

We are aware of an increasingly demanding market, and because of that , we seek the best  professionals who bet on their career progression and have the best performance standards.

We want to attract employees who want to be part of building the future of our company.

We recognize the performance of excellence!

We value initiative, availability, commitment, overcoming objectives, teamwork and integration the company`s culture.

It is our goal to reward this dynamism, both collectively and individually by adopting performance recognition methodologies.

We invest in potential!

We believe that the development of our employees starts on the 1st day.

We bet on the development of our employees, providing training at all levels.

In a sector in which issues like Safety and Environment are highly relevant, we bet on training in a work context, sensitizing and making employees aware of the importance of adopting safe behaviors.

We are a team!

We bet on a team that works with passion and dedication, reinforcing the existing teamwork culture and unified vision of the FCM Group.

We create a sense of belonging in all the employees that integrate our companies, and we bet on the well being in our teams, providing agreements with entities of social, cultural or sporting interest.

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