Built in 1978, it was designed by the French architect Fernand Pouillon, with a capacity of 148 rooms that, after the remodeling, will pass to 108 rooms including one presidential suite. 

The Hotel rehabilitation goes through all areas: rooms, restaurant and bar, conference room, swimming pool and spa, outdoor bar, reception and lounge.

The Hotel occupies an area of 27.000m2 with a category of 3 stars before the works, with expectations of ascent to 4 stars after the remodeling. The Hotel has an architecture that is founded in perfect harmony with its surroundings and the entire refurbishment will respect the architectural volumes and materials designed by Pouillon.

In addition to the rehabilitation of the rooms, Hasnaoui-FCM Construction is also responsible for all the decoration of the Hotel, where there is an increased concern for comfort, durability and design of all materials, from furniture to fabrics. The challenge that can not be ignored is that a hotel is a meeting space of cultures and all the remodeling will take this assumption into consideration.

For more information see the project page.


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