The past week of March 12 to 16 was marked by the visit of our client CHAINE EL-AURASSI in Lisbon, with the purpose of finalizing the validation process of various decorative elements for the Rym Hotel's rehabilitation project in Beni Abbès - Algeria.

In recent years, FCM has been developing extensive experience on hospitality projects focusing its activity not only in the execution of hotel construction but also on the development of decoration and furnishing projects, presenting efficient solutions and comfort and design standards, adequately adapted to the culture of the markets in which it is present.

In this sense, and once that is the final phase of the rehabilitation and expansion of the RYM Hotel, located in Beni Abbès, Algeria, VIAMEC (FCM's investee company and awarded the project) received in Lisbon representatives of the client CHAINE EL AURASSI, between 12th to 16th of March, with the aim of finishing the validation procedure of decoration materials for this project.

A showroom was created in order to allow the client to analyze the final selection of all samples, finishes and equipment previously presented in the technical file.

The showroom had an area of 90m², simulating the various environments of the Hotel, such as a model room, reception hall, restaurant and outdoor spaces.

With this exhibition room, we intend to offer an exclusive service to our client providing a final image of the decoration of the Hotel through the presentation of several options of materials, colors and fabrics, and how they come together.

With the end of our client's visit, the goal of final validation of all furniture and decoration for Hotel Rym was fulfilled.