Quality, Environment and Safety Management, in production processes, is nowadays a decisive factor of competitiveness and sustainability of the companies.

In an industry such as ours where competitiveness is steadily increasing, our commitment to highly efficient and quality-assured production processes is a key factor in the company`s success.

With approximately seven years of certification in ISO 9001 by APCER, we intend to continue to guarantee our customers satisfaction, ensuring quality service with standards of excellence and the continuous improvement of the processes implemented.

We highlight as important factors the communication with our clients and the efficient management of the execution of our work. The combination of both represents our continuity with our customers and the opening of opportunities in the conquest of new ones.

Our Certificates are available HERE and the Quality Management System Policy HERE.

The awareness of the company is represented in the daily management of the aspects related to this subject, as the implementation of processes that facilitate us to act in an environmentally sustainable way. The use of biodiesel in our transport fleet, the preparation and implementation of waste management plans for each of our work centers, and the awareness of all our employees on environmental issues were just some of the measures implemented in this area.

We intend to continue to actively contribute to preservation and environmental protection, aware that this is a responsibility that is inherent in us.

Aware of the personal, social and economic impacts of the correct management of professional risks in its activity, the FCM Group established the following objectives:

  • Ensure a safe and healthy working environment for its employees, in compliance with the legislation in force;
  • Promote training and information regarding the risks inherent in the activities of all employees, sensitizing them to comply with safety standards;
  • Protect facilities and equipment in order to ensure adequate safety conditions for their employees;
  • Minimize risks to people and the environment that may arise from the development of their activities.
  • We plan and implement all necessary measures to protect the safety and health of our employees, since we consider them the fundamental part of our activity.

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