Founded in 2006 within the Soclima Group, since its inception as an Angolan capital company, its main objective is customer service through the implementation of innovative engineering solutions, complying with standards and environmental awareness. In 2015 new horizons were opened with the entry into its management of the FCM Group, reinforcing the entire functional structure and making possible the expansion in Angola as well as new markets.

Nowadays, ICD has a technical and commercial structure with the capacity to intervene in different areas of activity, allowing us to respond to an increasingly dynamic market by supporting our partners and customers wherever they are developing their activity.

ICD - Technical Facilities, Communications and Home Automation operates in the following areas of intervention:

  • Installation of electricity and lighting infrastructures and equipment;
  • Transformer stations, back-up and emergency power generation systems and associated systems;
  • Installation of infrastructures and water and sewage hydraulics equipment;
  • ETA and ETAR treatment systems;
  • Installation of home automation and centralized technical management solutions;
  • Installation of security systems such as intrusion detection, access control, detection and extinguishing of fires and closed circuit television;
  • Installation of public address sound systems, distributed residential sound and conference rooms or shows;
  • Installation of structured communications and network infrastructures and equipment;
  • Installation of central vacuum systems;
  • Global maintenance of our areas of intervention

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