A32 - Bridge Over
Ínsua River II

Zagope, S.A.

Oliveira de Azeméis - Aveiro - Portugal


Work done:
- Supply and application of formwork
- Concrete work

13.550 m3

25.050 m2

82.000 m³

Intervention area:
Transport Infrastructures

FCM has developed and designed all the constructive solution of the bridge over the river Ínsua II, a unique civil engineering project that is part of the road concession Douro Litoral at the section A32/IC2 – Oliveira de Azeméis/IP1 (S. Lourenço), with a length of 132m.

The formwork solution for this project was entirely designed and executed by FCM, including the climbing formwork system for the columns, the traveler system for the implementation of the deck supported by a shoring system with a maximum height of 31m, and the slopes constructive solution, using bearing towers and structural steel.

The 35% and 50% high terrain inclination and the crossing of the river, which were overcome with an audacious engineering solution using slopes, was the highest challenge of this project. The FCM technical team developed a constructive solution with bearing towers based on massive reinforced concrete and structural steel placed on the towers, to overcome the spans between the structures and to set the shoring system with a maximum height of 31m, which supports all formwork.

For this project, the FCM technical team has a strong monitoring attitude, due to the terrain irregularity. It was necessary to change the initial designs to develop the project as the places to implement the support blocks were defined.

Project integrated in the Douro Litoral road concession. Construction of the foundations, the abutments and the columns of the bridge, as also the deck using a shoring system supported by structural steel, designed by the FCM technicians.