A13 - Viaduct Over Sorraia River

Construtora do Tâmega, S.A.

Benavente - Portugal


Work done:
Supply and application of formwork

16 months

51.000 m3

107.200 m2

Intervention area:
Transport Infrastructures

The project consisted in the construction of a viaduct with a total lengh of 1,666m, consisting of two bridge decks with a width of 14.50m each. In the bridge zone (with 270m of length) has box girder deck and was built by the balanced cantilever method. The viaduct to the north is 487m long and to the south 909m long.

Beam and slab deck built with falsework launching girders, with the help of two launching beams, and it was also necessary to use falsework for the execution of some areas of the deck of bridge.

The pillars were composed of shaft and capital, in which the design and manufacture of the formwork was the responsibility of FCM.