Temporary Exhibition - Takashi Amano

Oceanário de Lisboa, S.A.

Lisboa - Portugal


Work done:
Finishes and specials installations

Building area:
700 m2

4 months

Intervention area:
Public Buildings

The contract consisted of the execution of the works of construction finishes and technical installations for the Temporary Exhibition to be held at the Temporary Exhibition Room, on the 2nd floor of the New Building of Oceanário de Lisboa. The room where the work took place is about 700m2. Very technical work with a very short period of execution time face the implementing requirements.

The exhibition entitled "Forests Underwater by Takashi Amano” features tropical forests inside an aquarium with a soundtrack by Rodrigo Leão. The main piece of this exhibition was born from the invitation to the most famous aquascaper, Takashi Amano, to create the largest "nature aquarium" of the world: 160 m3 in volume, U-shaped, 40m long, 2.5m wide and 1.45m high. There were 40 species of tropical freshwater fish (totaling more than 10,000 fish) and 46 species of aquatic plants.

The exhibition opened doors in 2015 with no date for its end. After the death of Takashi Amano this exhibition became a symbol and a tribute to his life and work and only in the first year had about one million visitors.