Primary School of
São João da Talha

Município de Loures

Loures - Portugal


Work done:
Rehabilitation Works

Building area:
1.910 m2

4,3 months

863 m3

4.305 m2

Intervention area:

The project consisted of the rehabilitation and expansion of three existing buildings, changing their formats and increasing their areas.

Blocks 1 and 2 are similar, essentially with the classrooms. The area of ​​implantation and construction of each one was enlarged, reorganizing the interior space creating more classrooms and eliminating the library on the 1st floor of Block 1. The most significant intervention was done in Block 2, with the creation of the supporting room for multi-disabilities at the ground floor. This space required a set of functional characteristics, which, combined with aesthetic and comfort aspects, sought to promote the well-being of these students. Common to the two buildings was the full replacement of the cover in asbestos cement, by sandwich panels.

Block 3, with only 1 floor, was the building where the major transformations were carried out, being expanded to receive the two kindergarten rooms, the school library, the extracurricular activities support room, the kitchen and the nucleus of sanitary facilities., when it was enlarged to receive the two kindergarten rooms, the school library, the extracurricular support room, the kitchen and the sanitary facilities. During the restructuring, the area of the cafeteria was increased, maintaining the area of the gymnasium. The spaces were entirely refurbished and adapted to the current reality, both in the technical-functional and aesthetic level.

This project also included the rehabilitation of outdoor spaces with the creation of 6 special areas in the development of the school recreation project and which are: sports area, equipment area, playground area, garden areas, free circulation areas and educational vegetable garden area.

All the work was completely realized during the period of school vacations, with high demands in the mobilization of resources and meeting deadlines.