Primary School of Casaínhos

Município de Loures

Loures - Portugal


Work done:
Rehabilitation Works

Building area:
560 m2

3,3 months

Intervention area:
Public Buildings

The work consisted of the rehabilitation, conservation and extension of the building and remodeling of the patio. It was made a profound restructuring of the property, creating a new area on the 1st floor, extending the rear area of the building. The work was entirely carried out during the school holidays.

The planned intervention involved the following works:

- Earthmoving to remodel the public area - patio;

- Remodeling of the main entrance to the school;

- Remodeling of the patio through the creation of recreational areas;

- Remodeling of classrooms (including flooring works, execution of some walls with brick masonry, plasters and paintings);

- Demolition of part of the building;

- Overall construction of a new building including sanitation infrastructures, electricity, ITED, masonry, floors, plasters and coatings.

- New sanitary facilities, kitchen, cafeteria, storeroom, school library and two classrooms.