THERAVADA BUDDHISM OF THE FOREST - RELIGIOUS COMMUNITY adjudicated to FCM - Construções, S.A., the 1st phase of the Construction Contract of the Sumedharama Buddhist Monastery, to be carried out in the area of ​​Ericeira, near Mafra

It is a contract that amounts close to € 1 million, to be carried out within a period of 7 months. The work is characterized by a singularity inherent to the experiences and demands of the Religious Community in question, where the Forest is a natural heritage to be preserved and used as a point of spiritual liberation and renunciation of wealth and worldly values. In this way the integration of a physical construction work will be very conditioned and adjusted to the natural terrain / forest, builded with the least possible impact on the virgin nature, to maintain whenever possible.

The project includes a main building and, the reception building where meditation areas are integrated, large meditation room, meeting rooms, offices, administrative areas, and support areas such as kitchen, laundry, storage, etc. Along the vast ground of the Community, four small wooden constructions, designated by KUTIS, will be executed, which are no more than individual meditation zones for the Monks of this Community.

Infrastructures will also be carried out throughout the entire forest area, always caring nature’s preservation.

One more challenge for FCM, which aims to find in religious communities in general and in THERAVADA BUDDHISM OF THE FOREST, in particular, partners who contribute to the development of regions and local communities, in aiding and sharing, and extending to National scopes.

FCM also counts on the participation of its associated company - ICD, which is responsible for all the works for special technical installations.

The project is already underway, and its evolution can be followed through the site: