Residential Building
«Casa Loução»

Gabriela Tavares Loução

Lisboa - Portugal


Work done:
Rehabilitation Works

Building area:
351 m2

7 months

Intervention area:
Residential Buildings

A contract for the refurbishment of a building with 4 floors above the ground, including the demolition of the existing one and stabilization and maintenance of the façade. Construction of a new structure in reinforced concrete, finishes and special installations. The ground floor also has a swimming pool, leaning against the south wall and extending to the outside, at the end of the building.

Work of great technical exigency due to the small dimension of the interior and exterior space.

The containment of the façade was executed with modeling metallic profiles, dimensioned and aligned with the execution of the demolitions and the structure.

The stone of the façade was recovered and treated for rehabilitation.

At the level of the finishes stand out the "Quart-Zinc" zinc plate coverings, dormer windows with the same coating, IPÊ wood decks, microcement, ETICS, projected thermal plaster, walls and ceilings with gypsum board, aluminum frames, frames and doors with laminated solid wood. The carpentry were executed in noble wood.

It included electrical installations, security, telecommunications, air conditioning, water and sewage networks and gas networks and also the treatment and recirculation of water of the swimming pool was executed.